August 2011
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You fall and go boom, or worse! Summer is primetime for travel and trips to the beach, baseball games and outdoor activities. Unfortunately it's also primetime for accidents and injuries.

Accident Insurance is not just for those who are athletically inclined . . . . .

For example, take Bob Collins, a 58 year old who was up on a ladder changing the flood lights on the side of his house, when he slipped and fell 20 feet to the ground, fracturing two vertebras, and three ribs. Fortunately, Bob had an accident plan that paid toward the ambulance ride, his Emergency Room costs, surgery, diagnostic exams, hospital stay, doctor visits and physical therapy. This money helped to cover his deductibles and co-pays as he recovered. 

Accident Insurance also covers other out of pocket expenses:

  • Travel costs if the accident occurs over 50 miles from a hospital
  • Lodging expenses for a family member while covered person is in distant hospital
  • Help with Home Health Care costs
  • Pays regardless of other insurance coverage

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