How would you like to receive an extra paycheck? Find out how by  entering our contest during the month of May. By entering this contest "Where Did My Paycheck Go?", you will be asked to take a minute to think about your paycheck and where all your hard-earned money goes.


Why all the attention on your paycheck? Well, many people don't realize that just as they protect their cars, their homes and their health with insurance, they need to be insuring another valuable asset-their paycheck. That's where disability insurance comes in: Think of it as insurance for your paycheck.


To enter the "Where Did My Paycheck Go?" Challenge, go to One lucky entrant will be chosen at random to win a "bonus paycheck" in the form of a $1,000 American Express gift certificate-Here's hoping that it's you!


May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, the ideal time to make sure that your paycheck is properly protected with disability insurance.   


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