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Insurance - We recognize that individuals and small businesses have particular needs and we are committed to providing the right solutions. We select the insurance carriers that are best suited for your particular requirements while providing the best possible rates.
We give you Choices and we Listen to your needs. We Dare to Care, Do you Dare to Compare?
Weight Management - We do more than just help you with your insurance needs. We also assist individuals with Lifestyle programs that offer solutions to successful weight management. We provide a 12-week healthy lifestyle program to tackle the ongoing difficulties people face with their weight. We know that most people have tried every diet to lose weight, either unsuccessfully or temporarily, only to gain it back. Worse, the numerous attempts of yo-yo dieting have wreaked havoc on their health and their metabolism, which makes it harder and harder for them to achieve their goals. Completely confused on how to eat properly, most people feel like failures, when in fact the diets have failed them. We provide a solution to help people discover the right path to get to their ideal weight while achieving optimal health. Regardless of shape, age or gender - our program works for everyone! 
Our Mission is Simple: In a fast-paced world where personalized service is often neglected, we strive to bring it back. "We Dare to Care" about you, our customer, that's why we put our heart into everything we do.


Patricia  Pulisciano is  the  owner  and  founder  of  TrueCare  Insurance,  LLC.   She  prides herself  on  being  a  results-oriented  business  professional  with  established  expertise in the insurance industry. She has over 22 years of experience in her field, and specializes in assisting companies and individuals in obtaining affordable insurance. She also helps individuals preserve and increase their  financial wealth all while helping them maintain healthy lifestyles.  Her constant goal is to operate and exceed the needs and expectations of  her  clients  while  operating  with  the  highest  level  of  product  knowledge,  honesty, integrity  and  respect.   Her  genuine  concern  for  her  clients  and  dedication  to  listening to each of their individual needs, combined with her “can do attitude,” has allowed her the privilege of serving the Business and Individual Community since November 2000. Clients are glad to select TrueCare Insurance for all their insurance, financial and healthy living needs. They continue to refer their business associates, friends and families.
Patricia is an appointed member of the "SHOP" Advisory Committee to the Board of the CT Health Insurance Exchange. She  serves  as  an  Ambassador  for  the  Hamden  Chamber  of  Commerce,  and  previously served  as  Board  Member.  She  also  serves  on  the  state  board  for  NAIFA  and  maintains an active  membership  with  NAHU,  Connecticut  Benefit  Brokers  and  The  American Sewing Guild.   She has co-chaired and founded several Networking/Mastermind Groups, and  maintains  licensure  for  Life,  Health,  and  Property/Casualty  Insurance.  She  is  also certified  as  a  licensed  Foster  Parent  for  the  State  of  CT  and  is  a Certified  Transitions Lifestyle Coach.
Prior  to  launching  TrueCare  Insurance,  she  was  the  former  Market  Manager  for  the National  Accounts  Division  of  Anthem  Blue  Cross  and  Blue  Shield  of  Connecticut. As  a  Market  Manager,  she  was  directly  responsible  for  developing  strategic  business plans  and  managing  a  team  of  Account  Managers,  Account  Service  Representatives, Underwriters,  and  Sales  professionals.   She  has  a  record  of  building  successful  teams, exceeding corporate goals and revenue targets while maintaining client satisfaction. She was recognized as one of the top Market Managers on a consistent basis.
Patricia  is  a  native  of  Naples,  Italy  and  a  resident  of  Hamden,  CT  where  she  lives  with her  husband,  Brian  and  her  dog  Ariel.  She  is  the  proud  mother  of  two  sons,  two  foster daughters and one grandson.  When not working, she likes to spend time with her family, travel, read, play racquetball, exercise and cruise as a passenger in sports cars and Harley motorcycles. Her hobbies also include sewing, stamp collecting and interior decorating.

Office Number:  (203) 915-1508

Email: patty@truecareinsurance.com


April Ritchotte is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Certified TLS Weight Management Coach & National TLS Trainer. April has a B.S from UConn’s School of Sport, Leisure and Exercise Sciences. Her background is in brain-injury rehab, working in a neurobehavioral setting. She has experience in adventure-based counseling and adapted fitness, but transitioned into personal training and nutritional consulting out of a personal passion for science and finding answers to her own battles with weight, thyroid imbalances, autoimmune/GI issues and skin conditions.

With this background, she has a deep empathy for people who experience similar challenges, and seeks to share the answers she found through clean eating and targeted supplementation. Her philosophy is that of customization and clean eating without food obsession. April is an avid recreational athlete. Though there will be no marathons in her future, she loves to take on a sprint triathlon, 5K, 10K or even a half-marathon. She also enjoys skiing with her family — including her sister. April just relocated from CT to NH with her husband, three kids, and dog to be closer to her sister and family.

The range of services she can provide include, but are not limited to, 1-on-1 nutritional consultations/education, in-person or online groups to teach clean eating, phone consultations, body composition analysis, assessment of current supplement regimens and eating plans, and recommendations for menu plans, supplements, and exercise.

She is high demand but will always make time for a consultation. To request a consultation just complete your contact information here


Brian Pulisciano joined TrueCare Insurance in 2003 as Operations Manager. He brings over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing. Prior to joining TrueCare insurance he was a Manufacturing Manager, and a member of the Senior Staff at HID. Brian served on the Steering Committees implementing ISO Standards. He owns and operates a Manufacturing Consulting Business to help guide clients through difficult issues. Brian brings a unique twist to TrueCare Insurance. He has a hands on approach and possesses the ability to bring issues to a speedy and satisfactory resolution. You may not see Brian in the forefront yet his presence is known through the smoothness of our day to day operation.

Office Number:  (203) 915-1508
Cell Number:  (203) 214-0027

Email: bpulisciano@snet.net

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